I observed the Ivory Gull with Brendan Collins, Henry Trombley, and others
from about 1-2pm, at which point it took flight and headed towards the ice
fishermen.  A photo is posted on the eBird pool (see Henry's post for the

Before heading home, I went over to Champlain, NY and saw the Northern
Hawk-Owl with Jeff Davis (thanks for the lead!).  The Hawk-Owl is a mere 3.5
miles from the the bridge, seen near the intersection of Prospect St and
Gamlaw Rd.  I got some photos, but none of high enough quality to warrant

Good luck to anyone else who tries for these two amazing birds tomorrow,

 - Larry

On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 5:44 PM, Jim Mead <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello All,
> Dwight Cargill and I went to the Vermont end of the Rouses Point bridge (in
> Alburg) this morning and found the adult Ivory Gull at 7:38 a.m. It was on
> the
> south side of the bridge about 100-125 feet out. It was resting atop the
> ice
> near the edge where the ice and water meet. It stood up a few times (very
> short black legs) then layed back down on the ice. After a couple of
> minutes it
> went into the water, bathed and then flew back onto the ice and preened. It
> is quite a sight to see an Ivory Gull adult in flight because of the pure
> white
> coloration throughout its' head body and wings. .
> While we were there, another birder showed up. We spoke with him for a bit
> and found out that his name is Pat Jones (from Long island). He is the
> person
> who located the Ivory Gull yesterday.
> Thank you Pat for locating this rare Gull and for letting Shai Mitra know
> about
> your sighting so that she could post it on the NYBird List.
> Additionally, thanks to Dave Hoag for forwarding Shai Mitra's posting to
> the
> VTBird List. I know that many appreciative Vermonters were able to see the
> Gull today!!
> Enjoy Birds,
> Jim Mead

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