I was just in Cape Ann this weekend for the super bowl of birding and we birded all over in essex county.  I recommend birding a lot in Gloucester, especially at the Fish Pier, Niles Pond and Eastern Point for Gulls (we had Iceland and Slaty-backed was seen last week along with Thayer's and Mew).  Bass Rocks just north of there along Atlantic Avenue is good for Ducks, and is the best spot for King Eider and Black Guillemot (we missed Eider but got Guillemot).  In Rockport, the granite pier and Cathedral Ledge are great spots for Harlequin Ducks, Purple Sandpipers and a chance for alcids.  The best seawatching spot, however is Andrew's Point, just north of Cathedral Ledge and east of Halibut Point SP (another good spot).  Here, you can find alcids; we found a rare Dovekie there on Saturday.  This is also a good spot for Harlequins, Eiders and Purple Sandpipers.  Aside from this, Nahant, near Lynn is a neat spot for half-hardies and ducks.  As for Plum
 Island, we were able to get Snowy and SE Owl as well as some Ducks, Loons and Grebes.  Those are the best spots.  If you would like anything else, like directions and more details about those places, don't hesitate to ask!  

Good Birding!
Greg Lawrence
Rochester, New York

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Subject: [VTBIRD] Mass coast

Besides Parker River and nearby spots on Plum Island can someone give me some other spots along the Mass Coast that are not real far from there?
Mitch Harrison