Some of you may be interested in reading the new articles on the GMAS  
website. There you will find an article by Carl Runge about a family of  
Long-eared Owls born and bred in a Williston neighborhood last year, a  description 
of a Blue Jay/ Merlin encounter (hint: the Blue Jay lost) by Alison  
Wagner, and some musings on decoy collecting as a form of indoor birding by  yours 
truly. There is also an article from the National Audubon Society  
announcing the re-opening of ornithology programs on Hog Island in Maine.
Also, on the Home page Shirley Johnson has summarized the results of the  
Burlington CBC this year. To get there, the address is 
_http://greenmountainaudubon.org_ (  then  click the Hermit Thrush 
Bruce MacPherson on behalf of the GMAS