Vortex makes super great quality scopes, for (relatively) cheap.  I just purchased a dis-continued model, the Votrex Skyline 80mm with a zoom from 20-60x.


I've somepared it to Leica and Nikon and Swarovski, and it actualyy hold up.  Not to mentioned all Vortex products come with a UNLIMITED LIFETIME warrentty.  My tripos cost me about $150, so everything together was about $600.  Still over you bugdet... but if you go higher up you won't find anything under a drand.  Unless it is a crap model rom a crap brand.



I would go to your lol Audubon/Wild Bird shop and they usualy help out A LOT.  The Fat Rocin in Hamden, CT (obviously a long drive) would be worth t.  The owner, Jim Zipp, is an amazing, and published, photographer and avid birder.  He set me in the riht direction..


I'd find a store like that. But as far as quality for less money, a Vortex is the way to go.   My model is discontinued, but came probablybe fund online.   But vortex just came out with the Skyline II (or some name like tha) with a few nice new features.




Good luck!!  And make sure you put a lot of planning into purchasig a scope.  Panning, veritcal and horizontal ease of turning, focus knobs, retractable lens-shields.



Once you get a scope, you wonder how you ever had a birding life/experience/situations without one!!






(PS.... Good luck on the NOHO and Ivory, Alex!!!)



-Brian Webster-

Stratford, CT

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> Hi Justin,
> My Nikon Fieldscope was a bit pricier than your budget, but that was five
> years ago. I think that one of the big online distributors (B&H Photo,
> etc.) might have great prices on this superb, affordable scope. I love it -
> the Nikon glass is simply far superior to scopes costing 3-5X as much! Yes,
> I am biased, but my binocs are Nikon Superior E 10 x 42 that I would put up
> against Leica or any of the pricier alternatives out there.
> Frank Boyle
> Rohrersville, MD (and Burlington, Vermont)
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> Subject: [VTBIRD] scope advice
> Hello List--
> I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on purchasing a
> reasonably priced, 
> good scope. 
> My glasses are Nikon Actions -- which are my idea of reasonably priced/good.
> Is there 
> something like this in the scope world?
> I have possibly 3-4 hundred dollars set aside for this purchase. 
> Thanks in advance!
> --justin
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