Bolton Valley, VT 06FEB2010


We havenít really had any big snowstorms over the past week, but the Greens did work some of their usual magic with the resorts in the northern half of the state pulling in snowfall ranging from 1 to 2 feet.  We waited for things to warm up a bit, and headed up to Timberline in the late morning to catch up with Stephen, Johannes, and Helena for some runs.


On piste, the conditions on the groomed runs were OK, with decent packed powder, but it wasnít super soft.  There were occasional icy patches as well, but coverage in the lower elevations has definitely improved over the last time Iíd skied Timberline on January 18th.  Twice as Nice was a good example, as it definitely benefitted from all the snow received over the past couple of weeks.


Off piste, my checks revealed 7 to 9 inches of powder at around 2,000í and about 10 inches at 2,500í.  The powder is pretty dry, so those depths werenít really sufficient to keep you off the base on the steepest terrain, but on low and moderate angle terrain the powder skiing was excellent.


We never left the Timberline area so I canít speak to the powder depths above 2,500í, but based on reports Iíve seen from around the area, things get notably deeper as you climb up in elevation.  The temperatures eventually got up to the 15-20 F range, and with no wind and the sun in the afternoon, it really turned out to be a comfortable time on the slopes.  A few pictures from the day have been added below.













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