At 10:10 AM 2/10/2010, S H wrote:
>Utah and WY are very dry. I felt ok when there, but my hair and 
>nails took a beating, and my throat always felt dry. My cuticles 
>cracked and peeled and my hair got very brittle like straw, even 
>with good conditioner. Glad to be back in the humidity again. 
>Everything is recovering nicely.

No denying that it's dry here - CO, ID, MT, NV, AZ, and NM, too - and 
it certainly has an effect on hydration, particularly during 
energetic activities. However, you hair, nails, and cuticles were 
more than likely reacting to the mineral content of our water - it's 
particularly hard - and, again because of dissolved minerals, fairly 
high pH. All this serves to strip away your natural moisturizing oils 
until your body adjusts somewhat. This seems to take about 1-3 months 
for our new arrivals.

But look at it this way: during your time here you probably satisfied 
your annual requirement for trace amounts of arsenic, molybdenum and 
lead, between the water and passing by a superfund site twice a day 
each time you skied in LCC - the Davenport and Flagstaff smelters. 
You were also staying about a 10 minute walk from a second superfund 
site - the old smelter just northwest of the mouth of BCC.


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