On 2010-02-09 8:20 PM, Denis Bogan wrote:
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Marc C> "We have an incredibly weak and unstable snowpack this season. There have been 3 avi deaths and two serious injuries in the past 10 days. Stuff is tearing out to the ground and running big. The 3 deaths were all from massive blunt force trauma, not suffocation. Even 2 Alta patrollers were caught and buried (no injuries) while doing control work - Greeley Bowl was larger than expected and ran a lot further into the flats."

What is going on?  I thought it was a low snow year. 
I've been following this from my armchair while planning our trip for the end of the month. It WAS a low snow year with a widespread faceting problem. Then they got 7 feet at the beginning of the month which overloaded the weak layer. The snowpack is still thin. In some locations, it's now thick enough to slowly heal the facets, but that does not make much safer.

Only solution is to roll Colorado style and keep the angles under 30.
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