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>I was hoping to get some Capt.America shots, oh well, next time.

I'm afraid my patriotically colored $20 Bob Smith's going-out-of-business sale 
nordic suit has been relegated to its originally intended use, so you'll have to 
come out to one of the Northfield Mtn Wed afternoon spring series races to see it 
in action.
I bought an $80 used rando race suit last spring, and I'm happy to report that it's 
actually a practical garment for skinning.  (And it was already back in action 
Monday morning, poaching the Kuli middle school alma mater slopes.)
But rest assured that the rando suit is just as outrageously colored as the nordic 
suit, so come out to the Magic race on March 6 for some photography!

And nice pic there of Eric Sinotte in his red suit -- cut off almost 47 minutes from 
his time last year.  (Well, maybe other factors were at play besides his suit...)

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