Sharon is right, Snow Ridge rocks!  Snow Ridge is a small ski area
(500 ft vert) located east of Lake Ontario in upstate NY.  Although
the hill is small, it's in a big time snow belt.  But the surprising
thing is the steep in-bounds glade terrain.  The map is here: 

Although #15-#17 are on the map, there's no signs on the hill.  These
runs are actually a large wooded area that finishes with some very
steep drops down to a creek.  Once you get across the creek (there's
1 bridge), you slog back 100 yards on a snowmobile trail.  On a
Saturday, there's quite a few snowmobilers using the trail.  But it's
all cool and the skiers and 'bilers wave to each other.

By Snow Ridge standards, it has been a subpar year for snowfall.
Some parts of the main gully (aka #15 Headwall) were scraped down to
dirt and leaves.  But other routes down had enough snow.  If Snow
Ridge skis this well in a bad year, I have to go back when the snow
is good.

It's interesting to note that the trail map does not show all of the
lifts.  There's actually a double chair between #11 and #12.  Even
stranger, the paper trail map (no color, just a xerox) doesn't show
any lifts!

Besides the main gladed area, there's also a nice glade between #12
and #13-18.  Then there's a modest bump face and a nice cruiser
(Kuersteiner #7) and that's about it for labeled good stuff.  All ski
area staff were very pleasant.  Weekend lift ticket is $35.

The next day, Sunday, I skied at Kmart with John Bonin.  I had the
impression that John was a retired fellow, but he's actually a bit
younger than I am.  Nice guy and a stylish skier.  Although Kmart has
not received much snowfall since the Big Rain, they have blown a ton
of snow on Superstar.  And this means that Superstar woods was a
great place to be.  Otherwise, most of the mountain was groomed flat,
but it was definitely a fun day skiing with JB.

Monday, skied at Stowe.  With 4" or so of new snow (3"-6" officially),
it was really nice.  For the first part of the day, the quad and
gondola were on windhold.  But the triple and double were open, and
these lifts provided a reasonably comfortable ride uphill.  Tres Amigos
was my favorite, in particular the Partee route from 2 years ago.  I
hit that exact route three times in a row, it was skiing so perfectly. 
Not surprisingly, there was not perfect powder everywhere, as the
persistent wind had done some damage.  But a great day overall to cap
the trip. 

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