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Hello TSR,
I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad news.  Our Thunderbolt trail guys were
on the trail yesterday morning checking out conditions after the snow.
These  guys get 30 to 40 runs on the Bolt annually.  They have skied all
over the country and the world.  They ski Greylock's powerlines when
they need a break from the Thunderbolt.  In their opinion, the
Thunderbolt is not skiable at this time, and would need a major dump to
be skiable.  At the meeting it was pretty much a unanimous decision to
postpone the race.  We also agreed to try something, as a last chance,
that we said we wouldn't do.  We are now shooting for a March 6th or
13th rain date.  
As a result there is no work party on Sat. 2/13.  There is no race on
the 20th.
The new race date will be either March 6 or March 13.  We are going to
research both days over the weekend and pick one by Monday.  If there is
no snow for the March Race Day, we will postpone until 2011. 
Obvisouly this is a bummer for all involved.  

The TSR has some major work to get going with regard to insurance
policies, State DCR permits, vendors, banquets, snow mobile
transportation, police, EMT, ham radio operators, ski patrol issues,
etc. over the next 2 days.
Thanks to all of you who are volunteering and who continue to offer your


Best regards,



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