Nice report Scotty! Hillary must have some stubborn, hard-headed French-
Canadian-Vermonter for a dad to do that tour as a 15 yo. Kudos indeed.

I was at the summit when you called, hiding from the wind under my sweet 
SPYDER hoodie down jacket...I was with lurker J Wulf, who insisted on manfully 
skiing Hourglass. 

I however, hooked a ski on the krumholtz on my second turn and had my left 
ski pop off right at the top of the Hourglass chute!  My first alpine eject in my 
rental bindings above a fairly no-fall line....I almost shit my pants in fear, as I 
tried vainly to get a handhold...lucky for me, I was in enough powder on the 
side of the chute entrance I could stop and get my act together. I was 
gripped enough after that to mostly slide-slip like a gomer down the Hourglass 

Then it was on the ankle-busting traverse over behind the Adam's Apple, and 
to the world famous HELLBROOK. Well, HB is pretty wrecked in the main chute-
-spots have chunks of ice from the big blow-out lurking, plenty of traffic has 
been down it, etc. etc. We cut over and found some "exciting" skiing...some 
good turns followed by ice or rock to avoid. 

It was in this part of the adventure, when I was "just skiing along" that my 
AWESOME down Hoodie SPYDER jacket, floating like a parachute behind me 
(sooo cool looking!) managed to hook itself on a thing I knew, I 
was off my feet, making gurgling sounds as I hung ass backwards, flailing and 
gasping...until the branch broke, and I was left to recover from yet another 

On Mon, 8 Feb 2010 11:02:29 -0500, Scott Danis <[log in to unmask]> 

>made a quick call to JJ to find he too was standing atop the ridge line near 
>chin about to find out that his giant parachute-like hood works like a choke 
>chain.  We skied down along the cairns towards the quad.  After a long lunch 
>break in a very crowded Octagon, we skied the rest of our token run down 
>Nosedive.  After a very cold ride up the quad, we picked up our packs where 
>we left them by the Stone Hut (whose occupants were gracious enough to 
>us leave them) and headed up the Toll Road as the eastern shadows crept 
>We passed the stake which read 60" on the nose on our way around to the 
>western side.  We crawled back down into the hole of broken trees that is 
>LT South and picked our way back down to the TD.  The afternoon view of 
>Lake Champlain from the sunlight trees was as stunning as ever.  I took Hill 
>down along some of the more remote terrain and we plundered the deep 
>untracked.  On the CCC, we had to side-step over a stream washout that 
>hasn't quite refilled.  Other than that, everything skied great and the 
>more than adequate.  Sorry, no pictures (although I own a camera), no maps 
>(I own and use a GPS), no geo-spatial data (I produce .kml files to feed GE 
>work), nothing too revealing (but I did introduce someone to a new place to 
>ski).   Just a day skiing with my kid.
>Scottee spin
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