Some of the usual suspects showed up in Little Cottonwood Canyon Friday February 5th. 7 of us descended on the Lodge at Snowbird thanks to our gracious host Liz. LCC was doing well as of the past couple weeks despite the slow start to the season. We had high hopes of deep fresh snow. Two of the crew that arrived late Thursday night had done the shopping for the week. Meat would be the theme for the week.

Usually arrivals are scattered, but this year it seamed we all showed up around the same time. Now one would think this is a good thing, but it meant we would party hard the first night, a bit too hard. During the nights festivities, our host fell off the coffee table into a sliding glass door, nearly breaking it and ended up twisting her ankle. Much of the crew stayed up too late. Here's a shot of two trying to sleep some of it off..picture-1.jpg.

We manage to get everyone up, eat some meat (picture-6.jpg) and walk across the street to Snowbird. All seems well. People are moving and ready to ski. First run down we drop into Upper Cirque, Andy comes out hot and burries a shoe, then explodes, wrenching his back. Simultaneously Trey taking a different line hip checks a rock and blows up his arse. He now as a third cheek and a large gash. Trey goes back to the condo to ice and take some pain meds. Andy goes with him to do the same for a bit.

Second run, Slatter crashes on a groomer and breaks his wrist. The rest of us are now thinking this trip is cursed. Or maybe we shouldn't have partied so hard the night before. Or maybe we're just getting too old for this stuff? The rest of us finish out the day without issue. The snow was good all over as the mountains had received a few inches the day/night prior.

Since there isn't much to do up in LCC, we tend to create our own fun. Even a broken wrist didn't stop Slatter from dressing up and having a good time.picture-2.jpg

Drinks we again flowing.picture-3.jpg and the costumes were too....picture-4.jpg picture-5.jpg

The costumes came out the next day too as we hit up Snowbasin. picture-7.jpg picture-8.jpg

The visibility up top was horrendous. We literally had to ski tip to tail in a group in order to not lose each other in the fog. Once town from the top 1/3, we kept sessioning the stuff near Gun Tower in off the Strawberry Peak. Untracked 6" of buttery smooth goodness all day long......

We ended the day at the famous Shooting Star Saloon picture-9.jpg, beer, pool and meat.....picture-11.jpgpicture-10.jpgpicture-16.jpg and nice views on the way home. picture-19.jpg

We had a little party at the Red Fern House for the Superbowl with some friends. You can check out an MTV cribs spoof we did last year here:

High pressure had moved into the area for day three which meant blue skies and maybe some openings at Alta. Superior looking superior picture-20.jpg. Baldy was open, so we hiked to ski Main Chute. Rion dropping in picture-25.jpg. Alex, Brandon and Rhys in Main Chute, picture-28.jpgpicture-27.jpgpicture-30.jpg

That night we headed down into SLC to celebrate my birthday by eating more meat at a Brazilian place..... we love our meat.....

Since there was no new snow to be had, it was time to go across the street. I missed the first day cause no one woke me up. The second day with went up to Cardiff Pass for a lap. A lap cause we didn't get started until 2 pm. The original plan was to take a one lift ride up at Alta and spend the day hitting Rocky Point and Wolverine Cirque. We had cooked up a turkey just to make sandwiches, but upon finding out Alta stopped selling the one up, we were stuck. We ended up watching 3 hours of Nitro Circus trying to decide what to do. So off four of us when to skin and ski.

Try on Cardiff Pass picture-44.jpg. Having a beer before the descent picture-46.jpg. Natty lite view of Alta picture-48.jpg. View to the floor below picture-50.jpg

I was supposed to fly home on Thursday, but thanks to the weather in my connecting cities, I was rescheduled for Saturday. Some snow moved in for Thursday and Friday. I didn't bring my camera as it was too stormy and very little light. Its amazing how 4 inches skies like 8. We hit tons of powder in Great Scott, Mach Schnell and Wilber, as well as stuff out the Tiger Tail gate out towards the Thurder Bowl and what's called the Fin. Two days of genuine Utah pow skiing called for a meat celebration. picture-51.jpg

Overall a great trip despite not getting the big dumps of years past.

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