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Please distribute information about this upcoming talk at the Fleming 
Museum co-sponsored by ALANA and the Women's Center. 
We are hoping to attract students and other members of the UVM community 
to this event.  A poster for the talk is attached.

*French-Indian Women:*

*Bearers of Family History, Culture, and Traditions *


*A talk by Judy Dow and Nancy Gallagher*

* *

*Fleming** Museum***

*March 24, 6 pm**  

Women play an essential role in many cultures as keepers of family 
history and by passing on cultural values and traditions. Using the 
exhibition /Storied Objects/ as a point of departure, Judy Dow and Nancy 
Gallagher will share their work weaving together the oral histories of 
French-Indian families living in Chittenden County with their 
experiences as revealed in Vermont documents in the early 20th century. 
The talk will focus on the struggles of French-Indian women to keep 
their families together and their culture alive in the face of efforts 
by state and local authorities to dissolve family kinship networks and 
subvert their ancestral culture.

Co-sponsored by ALANA, the Women's Center, and the Fleming Museum.

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