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Sent: Mon, Mar 29, 2010 10:51 am
Subject: Re: [Urgent] Requires CSSA Resonse - Curriculum Suggestions

Howdy hackers, 
The following is a summary of the major items discussed during the CSSA curriculum 
meeting. Please reply to these suggestions by changing the items you support to [+] and 
the items you don't support to [-]: 
If there's enough participation and people agree with the basic format, I will send this 
email out to the entire CS undergrad listserv. 
[+] I would be interested in attending a CS faculty curriculum meeting. 
[+] We should offer two concentrations for CS degrees: 
1. Computer Science: Pure (theory) 
2. Computer Science: Software Engineering (hybrid) 
[+] More 200 level classes: 
Past course have included: wireless sensors, compilers, stochastic processes... 
-Network security and web application security. 
[+] More interdisciplinary topics: 
(This means applications of CS in other fields) 
-Geoinformatics, etc? 
[-] GNU Linux and Unix! 
Want to get your feet wet with GNU Linux? Learn about the Linux kernel and GNU Linux 
based OS's. What are the differences? What is Linux good for? Learn how to use the 
command line, understand and change file permissions, compare file systems, and explore 
GNU services and utilities. 
-Linux/Unix SA and networking would be good though. 
[-] Low level programming (CS cross-listed as EE) 
Low level and hardware programming using a language like C. 
Keywords: embedded devices, micro-controllers, device drivers, basics of EE. 
[+] Advanced Web programming: 
Course dealing with (1) html, (2) css, (3) javascript, (4) databases, and (5) scripting 
[+] Year 1 Seminar - 1 credit: 
What is CS v. SE v. CE v. EE, types of CS problems, jobs, hot topics 
[+] Year 2 Seminar - 1 credit: 
Discussion of interdisciplinary applications: Quantum computing, bioinformatics, ecology, 
(guidance for choosing 200 level classes) 
[+] Year 3 Seminar - 1 credit: 
Group software projects and language exploration; discussions and presentations. 
Interfaces, languages, APIs, CASE tools, Software Licenses 
[+] Year 4 Seminar - 1 credit: 
Hot jobs, resume building, workshops, guest speakers from local companies 
Please provide feedback or additional notes here, if you care to. 
Can't wait to hear your feedback! 
- Michael E. Karpeles 
--CSSA President & Treasurer 
Proud ACM Affiliate