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> Hello Abby,
> I would like to run for the postion of Secretary foremost, and
> Recruiting and Outreach coordinator if there is a need to fill the
> position.
> I would like to be Secretary because I am quick with email
> correspondence and would like to gain experience at using resources
> like the lynx for communication. I would like to help keep the club in
> tight communication (as I feel it is today!) and keep that trend going.
> I would also like to learn more about EWB USA and the bigger picture of
> EWB across the country. I would like to take on a leadership role in
> the club, as I have had two years of experience as an active memeber,
> and would like to take on another role within the club.
> Thanks for setting such a good standard to work up to!
> Joanie
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>> Hello Everyone,
>> Although I hope to see everyone in just a little while, I wanted to
>> send out descriptions of the 6 executive board offices up for election
>> at our next meeting. I briefly threw these descriptions together, so
>> if you have further questions, please feel free to contact me!
>> If you are interested in running for any of these offices, please
>> email me ASAP with your name and desired office. I need your names in
>> order to make up the ballots for elections on 3/31.
>> Remember, you must have payed your $5 dues in order to vote next meeting!
>> See you all in a bit!
>> Abby
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Hi Joanie,
I am so excited you are interested in running for secretary, and if  
necessary Outreach and Networking. These are two positions I truly  
believe our club needs filled at all times, and they are two positions  
which I know you would serve well. I am going to put your name on the  
ballots for both positions. At time of elections if you run unopposed  
for both positions and wish to only be elected to one you may do  
that--or you can have both! Depending on the number of interested  
members we may have to do a little juggling with positions and  
responsibilities (if we do not have enough people to fill all the  
offices). I am not worried at this point however--I think there are a  
lot of excited members.

On the night of elections I am going to ask all candidates to stand up  
and announce themselves, as well as briefly give a little background  
to who they are and why they would like to be the selected office.  
It's nothing fancy, I promise!

If you have any other questions, let me know! Best of luck--I am  
really looking forward to electing a fresh executive board!