MSJ uses Edline and I think it is OK, I really don't like the fact that
there web version is a PC only program.   Parents and students do like the
parent portal where their grades can be checked on.

Our website is Wordpress but I am a very big Drupal fan and have used it to
create several educational sites (including, or   I think it would make a good front end for a
school website.

For teacher webpages where they post assignments and such I prefer to give
them a choice between Google Sites, Edline, moodle, or other if they
request.  With so many tools out there I think each teacher should have a
choice as to what is the best method for themselves.

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On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 10:30 AM, Luis Bango <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> A few web site questions.....
> Question #1
> Wondering if any other Vermont schools are using Edline as a website for
> teacher pages, delivering course content and for reporting grades and
> progress?
> This is our 4th or 5th year and  we went with Edline primarily because it
> was relatively inexpensive and integrated well with our SIS and grading
> application.
> If so, are you also maintaining another primary school website?
> Question #2 - Any schools using Drupal for their school website?  I'm
> considering a renovation this spring/summer and have been experimenting with
> Drupal.  Would love a little more feedback before I committ.
> thanks,
> Luis
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