Would agree and, would add that most of what we cycle out has been in 
use for far more than 5 years.
Have examined the alternatives like giving them to good homes but 
they really are not suitable by the time they are discarded.
Have discussed this in house and, especially with older units, are 
concerned those who received the computers would expect the school to 
do "tech" support or that expectations would be too high. The idea 
was valid but there were many things to be considered.

I, as well, simply hate throwing things out when they could be of use 
to someone.

BTW: I received an email from Marc at PRC after my post. He did say 
that a spring pick up is on and he will be in touch.


At 11:56 AM 3/30/2010, you wrote:
>if this is true, the bill might very well in fact be BAD for the 
>environment, by
>giving people a new reason to ditch their TV every 5 years.
>'free' is this case would not be 'free' at all just hidden ...
>I wonder if any MFG would specifically avoid the VT market for this reason, I
>know other states (CA and ME) have similar programs, but those are bigger
> >The certificate is only good for 5 years.

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