Here's another fairly painless way to add a printer shared from a
workstation to all users (and it doesn't require passing along other aspects
of a template user profile):

Start the Add Printer wizard as usual. Choose the radio button for "Local
printer attached to this computer" but UNCHECK the box for "Automatically
detect and install..." Hit "Next."  Click the radio button for "Create a New
Port" and choose "Local Port" for "Type of Port." Hit "Next." In the "Port
Name" field put the share name for the printer using the format
"\\printservername\sharedprintername" and click "OK." Go through the driver
installation from disk or from a network location and the conclusion of
printer setup as you normally would.

The printer will exist for all users who log on the workstation. Users will
have to select or unselect it as default on their own.

We use a similar process when setting up IP printers, except then we create
a "Standard TCP/IP Port" instead of a "Local Port." That in turn brings up a
wizard to create the TCP/IP port, after which the driver install, etc. is as

Chip Hedler