Once we have the district fully wireless which is right around the corner,
we'll be using iPod touch devices and iWalkthrough <>.


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On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 1:12 PM, Ed Barry <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Once again, Rob Gervais asked that I post this...
> I'm wondering what schools/districts are using to assist with teacher
> observations by administrators?
> In FNESU we have been exploring Eduphoria Appraise and iObservation.
>  Principals are looking for something that will be crossplatform and
> readily available for use on mobile devices; iphone/ipod touch/palm/etc.
>  Right now they are leaning towards iObservation b/c there is loads of
> content & video pre-loaded to assist with observations and teacher
> development, developed by Marzano, and seems to be more of a "system" of
> evaluation, rather than just a tool.  Appraise seems to be more of an open
> system that you populate with your own observation standards/methods.
> iObservation is, not surprisingly, more expensive.
> My big concern is that neither company has really addressed the technical
> questions I've asked with anything more than "very easy" or "minimal tech
> setup/involvement" type responses!  I want to know how compatible these
> systems are, what kind of support they provide, what kind of setup is
> required at the system and end user levels, any gotchas...typical stuff.
> Is anyone currently using either of these evaluation systems, or is there
> another company we should explore?
> Thanks for any insight you can provide!
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