Autofocus is essential (IMHO). The "Flex arm" cameras are not great - hard
to focus on the projection when the image is not stable. We have used a
couple of AverMedia cameras (CP150 flex arm, 300CP, now SCP300) and what I
have seen is that the less expensive cameras are not as good at auto light
adjustment/white balance. Zoom feature is nice, but "jumpy" on all.

We settled on the SCP300 (more expensive) due to feature set and image
quality (esp. auto white balance/light adjustment). Form factor is great:
arm folds in for upright storage or flat. Camera head tilts up for webcam
use. Solid, heavy base makes it a very stable unit. Good software package
(we are just beginning to delve in).


on 3/11/10 1:47 PM, Charles Cavanaugh wrote:

> Now, this is a timely discussion. We just received some money to
> purchase doc cameras, and I've been told that the AverMedia cameras are
> the way to go as far as the balance between quality and economy. I've
> got the choice between the Avermedia cp135 and the cp 155.  The main
> difference is the cp155 has autofocus and DVI output (the cp155 costs
> about $80 more). I'm thinking that for our teachers in a rush, autofocus
> (press the button and it zooms to the proper focus without any fiddling)
> might be worth the extra cost. I'm not sure about the DVI output and
> what benefits it might bring.
> Another thing with these that's intriguing is that you can purchase an
> optional microscopic adapter. I'm wondering if anyone has tried that and
> how well that works for teachers who might be studying microscopic
> critters and such.
> Charlie
> Paul Monette wrote:
>> We use the AverMedia CP130 Doc Camera and have been very pleased. We
>> can capture images, etc.. Of course it was much more $ than the VP1 model.
>> Paul L., Monette
>> Newport City Elementary School
>> 166 Sias Avenue
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>> It would be a deal breaker for me.  Our teachers expect to collect
>> work samples when they use the cameras.  Either using SD memory cards
>> on the camera or via USB to their computer, and it should be a simple
>> one-click feature.
>> What features made you decide to try the AverMedia?
>> Drew  
>> On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 10:43 AM, Stephen Barner
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>>     I would think that the inability to capture images to a computer
>>     would be a huge, potentially deal-breaking limitation.  Am I wrong?
>>     Steve Barner
>>     South Burlington High School
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>>     *Subject:* doc cam
>>     Just installed a $270 AverMedia VP1.
>>     The quality seems stupendous given the price, text was absolutely
>>     clear and nice white balance.
>>     (Room is not overly bright and fluorescents were on.)
>>     Small portable form factor, but not many other features (freeze,
>>     but no onboard storage of images, no USB to connect to computer etc).
>> <>
>>     It might pass through only SVGA (I know others have mentioned this
>>     as a negative/potential issue) as it did change the size/shape of
>>     the projected image (had to reorient the IWB).
>>     The unit has RCA out as well and may use that instead of VGA for
>>     next year.
>>     R
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