We just did a "Student Technology Use Agreement" for (primarily middle school)
students at Walden (a preK-8 school).
We purposely kept it "short & sweet". You might pull some items from it -
"I will access only resources that I have permission to use.",
"I will follow federal & state laws.", "I will treat others with respect."
Sigurd Andersen

Lucie deLaBruere wrote:
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Ditto to all Steve said.
How about a one liner that says  "I will BEHAVE"

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On Mar 14, 2010, at 11:54 AM, Bryan Thompson wrote:

> Does anyone have a good EULA agreement for your guest WiFi access

Are any of them really good ? Do users read them? Do they make a difference? Or do they just make things hard for users ? Are they there just to cover some liability fear ?

Support wise, I would think the EULA is less important than the way in which signon is implemented ... remember, who will be using this ... school board members, parents ... and students :) ... maybe just naming the network something like "FREE, SLOW, CENSORED" would be enough :)

Here's where you can find some ...

- McDonald's has one, via "AT&T".  Setup requites using a browser, is slow, and sometimes fails, even thought all it takes is a "check this box" ... see below.

- Bruggler's bagels has one, via their in house network. Not as slow as ATT, same "click" this little box, ... see below

- Fletcher Free Library has one, via a 3rd party. The used to have a sign in, now have an option "skip" the signin. Then goes to a popup menu, which reports an error because my browsers have blocked popups ! The most interesting thing about their EULA is that they limit you to 900 Mbyte download in 12 hours ... Not a bad idea, really.

* * *

ALL of these are painful and difficult to use on an iPhone, an Android, etc ... they are framed for a browser that takes a full 15" screen, and the check off boxes are so tiny to be non existent ... especial when presented in lovely designer colors ...

* * *

- Burlington Telecom in City Hall. WOW. I went there with my iPhone, mainly to check the weather, and post a tweet, and the wifi just worked. It just worked. It worked so well it was scarey :)

* * *

- Burlington International Airport. The last time I went there, they had a nice hybrid system. You login with "any" (including fake) email address, no password, and they then take you to an airport page displaying the current arrivials, departures, etc ... VERY useful. This might be a good model (if there were support for it) for a school network ... maybe the student newspaper, pep team, etc ? could be recruited ?

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