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Please join us for the next VITA-Central Meeting, March 18th -- Main topic:  
Vermont Data Enhancement Project (V-DEP)

Please fill in the form below if you plan to attend the next VITA-Learn  
Central Meeting

Thursday, March 18, 2010
3:30-5:30 pm
Main Street Middle School
Montpelier, VT

Too far away to join us in person? Use the LNV!

- Meet and greet (Snacks available throughout the meeting)
- V-DEP: Bob McNamara and Lisa Gauvin will present on the Vermont Data  
Enhancement Project (V-DEP). More information is available on a forum on  
- State of the State: Peter Drescher
- Door prize*  a Flip Video camera!

*VITA-Learn provides these door prizes with the intent that they will be  
used by recipients in their schools to enhance their programs  not as  
personal gifts. If you also attend meetings in another region, please  
withhold your name from the drawing. Thank you!

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