Hello Arlyn,

Do you have additional LNV training sessions planned for this spring? I'm hoping our RNESU tech support folks can attend sessions like I did so that we're in a better position to help teachers get started. Frankly, I would benefit from attending again, and would plan to do so.

We've received a request from the Curriculum Director to have the LNV terminal at OV ready for some teachers who want to participate in something on March 10, 11 or 12th (details have been sketchy). How would we know ahead if they will need the Scopia desktop client installed? We want things set up ahead of time to make the experience go smoothly for the teachers. I'm not feeling all that confident, myself, yet.

The Polycom hasn't been turned on since it was installed. I'd like to test it this week. Could you please provide the 5-digit number for NE Computers so that we might test the connection?

Thanks very much,
Susan Briere, RNESU