St. Albans City School have been using it with students for two years (mostly 7-8).  This year the students in grades 4,5,6 are starting to use it.  We have experienced a few "district" barriers in making it the default for STAFF email and productivity tool, but some of these barriers are finally breaking down and we are finally able to get the green light for K-8 staff to transition over to Google Apps as official email/productivity tool. 


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Winooski has been using the full google apps suite along with e-mail for the last two years. Everything works very well. There have been occasions when gmail goes down and there is panic, but I can count only three or four times that has happened since we started using it.


Bryan Thompson
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Good morning,

I need some information. If you are  using Google docs etc. as school wide initiative, could you please reply to me and send me your school/district name? My Superintendent wants some names of other schools where Google is being used.



Brucie Donahue

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