I'll reply back to the full list on this one.

Students have a generic login - and yes, their files on the server are potentially in danger of being messed with by others.
But in the many years we've used this setup, there have only been a few unintentional and correctable problems.
Students save things to the server so that they are not tied to a particular PC when they next work on something.
With the new per-student netbooks in grades 6-8, there's a chance this will change - but at this point we're
keeping things the same.

Staff that need a secure area have their own login so that their files cannot be seen by others (there are a few cases
where multiple teachers have access to a folder so they can all work on the files contained there).

Thanks to all who asked about users being able to change the password - I would have given odds that
the generic account was set so that the password could NOT be changed - I was wrong - but it's set that way now.
So this may well be the whole source of the problem.
In the meantime, I've learned about browse masters and browser service, and will add to my "to do" list
disabling the latter on the individual PCs.

Sigurd Andersen

On Mar 30, 2010, Chip Hedler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Whoops, I didn't look back closely enough! You are running a domain. But sounds like you're not giving all users individual accounts...Do physical users have their own folders on the server, or are server folders set up as content distribution/collection points? Either way, it suggests that privacy and security are in significant part on the honor system, and this issue may be evidence that someone's covertly not honoring it...gives me the creeps, and I hope that any confidential info on that server isn't getting exposed. Just how does your server fit into the grand scheme of information access and storage? Are users saving most things to individual workstations, or to the server?

Chip Hedler