Dear List:

Had occasion to contact them, and they responded very quickly.

The gave me support information on the free version of the product.

I had need to update a machine off-network, and they told me how.

This infected machine had a version called av.exe that I had to remove 
manually (did that before they got back to me).

Someone's personal machine from home, did it on my lunch hour (aka 20 mins) 
as a favor, certainly nothing that falls in my job desc.

Maybe VITAlearn or the state or SBHS (the adobe contact, right?) could find 
out what a volume license cost might be for the full version (real time) since 
we all seem to be using the free version after the fact.


the support non-profits here:
As a non-profit you have access to the corporate helpdesk, contact them via 
the email address below.
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