Readability Levels
I didn't know Brittanica searched by Readability levels.
That was one of the things I liked about Nettrekker (does anyone else use it?)
I find that even though people want to search by readability levels,  not that many people seem to take the time to do it regularly.
Wondering whether to discontinue Nettrekker school wide next year and purchase it only for people who want it.
Right now,  request for Study Island and Brain Pop  have been appearing regularly.  Any feedback on those?

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 10:40 AM, Pamela Burke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
If you subscribe to Britannica online, do all the ads go away ?
Yes. The best thing I've found about using Britannica online for schools is the different levels of articles. Often there will be 3 different reading levels of articles for one topic. 

March 8-April 2,
Reading Challenge, a family affair!

Pamela Burke
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On Mar 9, 2010, at 9:34 AM, Bill Clark wrote:

If you subscribe to Britannica online, do all the ads go away ?

I just went there, and found all the ads very distracting

Bill Clark
Austine School

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We use Discovery Streaming, Britannica online, Enchanted Learning (with
mixed feelings - some teachers like the worksheets and handouts) and (just getting started with this). All are budgeted through the
library budget. The first two are heavily used and the cost is justifiable.

We have used Study Island for a couple of years, but I do not handle it and
I do not know the level of use (low, I think) or even how it is paid for
(AYP $$?). I have been meaning to check to see if we are even looking at
data to see if it is worthwhile... Personally I am not impressed (drill &
practice-as-video game).


on 3/5/10 11:04 AM, Lucie deLaBruere wrote:

We are getting an increased number of request for subsriptions to various
products. Some of the ones that have come in are
EdHelper?  Brain Pop?  Study Island? Aimsweb?
We are trying to work on a process for selection and funding of such
Would love to learn which ones people are using which people are finding
most used.  Also what process you are using to select and fund these in
This year we chose Atomic Learning and Nettrekker.  (not much systemic use
A few years ago we had United Streaming.
We still have a subscription to RM Math (which is not only web 2.0)

I don't believe many of these belong under technology budget, but since
need technology to support them, I think we can help people make good
Any feedback would be helpful.


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