there are plenty of uses for a doc cam without the ability to capture images.

Like I said this model was $270 so there are going to be limitations.

In this case, capture (either to a computer or to the doc cam) was not  
necessary, the user foresees no need for it.

If the need for capture should arise in the future, she could always scan at 
the copier or use the scanner attached to her computer or her digital camera 
or use a colleagues doc cam or ...

So I am not saying this is perfect for every situation, I am saying if one does 
not need capture why pay for it (it does freeze, so does the projector which it 
is attached to, capture and freeze are not the same thing).

Someone could buy a single top of the line unit with all the bells and whistles 
for $800 or three of these (Equity of access v. features).

Which of those would be the better deal would be up to the beholder.

>What features made you decide to try the AverMedia?
It would be LACK of features and rock bottom price in this case, but for their 
other products AverMedia has 
-a nice software package (not with this unit)
-a truly awesome CRS product. AverPen
-audio & video capture (only company with this I think) in the CP355