OK,  It was suggested I post my 1:1 laptop questions here but I realize they are not the type of quick answers you can solve in one or 2 sentences.  Anyway, if you have any ideas, let me know either on or off list.
How do you make a financially sustainable 1:1 laptop program?
What methods of integration/professional development work the best for teachers using 1:1?
How is the best way to deal with students who accidentally or otherwise do not respect the equipment if laptop use is mandatory in class?  ("No, I didn't drop it, I don't know how the screen and case got cracked")  Has anyone tried the permanently "on" laptop cases?
Is anyone offering a student laptop purchase program for laptops similar to how colleges do?  I am thinking that if a family is considering buying their student a laptop anyway, why not get one that works at school?

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One of our schools has purchased Dell netbooks without the accidental insurance option.  Online Dell shows that you can purchase this insurance as part of the configuration for $49/3 years (unless I misread that), but the best quote our sales person has give us after the fact is $161/3 years...not worth it according to administration, for a $360 computer.  I have done a single computer quote at Safeware.com at $130/3years and we will probably get a quote for all machines (around 140 total).  We've also explored "self insuring" by purchasing extra computers with funds generated by offering parents/guardians the option for insurance for a nominal fee ($50-75).
I'm curious, actually our administrators are very curious, about what other schools are doing for insurance...if computers are going home with students.
Appreciate any feedback!

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