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Hi everyone,


We’re looking at installing a video security system in one of our schools, and as this is our first foray into this realm, we have some questions.  Hoping some of you might be able to share some experience/advice.


We’re looking to start with a simple system, monitoring and recording entrance area activity.  We would like it to be able to monitor both day and night, which I know some cameras can do with IR.  After doing some preliminary research, it appears that these systems come in two general flavors, analog and digital.  It occurs to me that the analog systems using coax cabling have been around for a long time, and are probably tried and true.  However, in this IP age, the Ethernet based systems seem readily available, and are perhaps going to supplant the analog systems at some point in the future.


I’m wondering what some of your experience has been with either type system, and if there is a compelling reason for utilizing one technology vs.  another.   Thoughts on this subject?


Any recommendations on vendors/brands?  Other ideas?


Thanks in advance for the feedback.




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