Thanks to Binghamton for a great job hosting. Excellent facilities for 
WUDC.  We had 58 teams but the big snowstorm cut it down to 44, but 
hooray for that brave lot.

Congratulations to the University of Vermont team of Paul Gross and 
Isaac Loeb for winning the final round and to all who competed.

Results are at
as always.

I am also including the judge feedback data for the first time.

ROUND 1 Latucca
THW ban government financial lotteries.
ROUND 2 Llano
THW forgive the student loan debt of all individuals who commit to a 
career in public education.
ROUND 3 Snider
THW impose a salary cap on all professional sports teams.
ROUND 4 Snider
THW oppose new nuclear power plants for the USA.
ROUND 5 Snider
THW forgive Tiger Woods
THBT now is the time for a Palestinian state.
THW genetically engineer livestock to reduce their capacity for feeling 
THW prohibit posthumous use of genetic material for reproductive purposes. .
FINALS  Barnes
THW punish attempted murder and murder identically.

Please send me results you know of for other BP/WUDC tournaments in 
North America.

If you want to learn more about this format feel free to ask for help.



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