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Happy St. Patrick’s Day and congratulations to the men and women basketball teams for their great success! In light of their victory, this Friday is going to be a spirit day on campus and everyone should wear green and gold to show our pride!

Switching gears, the SGA is working on creating a student vision and we want students who are interested to participate.  President Fogel has his 10 Year Vision, the Faculty Senate gets to weigh in on all academic affairs, but where are student concerns being represented? Are there certain policies, from UVM's decision to become a dry campus, to the size of certain administrator's salaries, that make you wonder if students are even considered in the decision making process? Part of the reason for this is because student opinion can be very dynamic and difficult to gauge. Sometimes focus groups will be formed, surveys sent to students, or presentations given to the Student Government Association, but rarely do these measures uncover an accurate version of student opinion.

To make up for this, the Student Government Association, various campus clubs, and many concerned students are writing a "UVM Student Vision" that will give trustees, administrators, faculty members, and staff members an encyclopedia of student concerns on a variety of topics and what we would like to see changed. In order for this to be a success, we need students from all over campus to contribute ideas. This process is already underway and interested students should to contact [log in to unmask] immediately. Below is a framework for the project.

Campus Life
• Physical Landscape and Buildings
• How we eat (Dining Services)
• How we dwell (Reslife), and off-campus housing.
• Social Life
• Student Representation:  -How is student opinion gathered?      Who represents the students?        On what issues should students have decision-making power?
• Non-classroom academics
• Transportation: infrastructure, bus route effectiveness

• Diversity: How do we define it?
• What are our values
• Our Place: In Burlington, in Vermont, in the US, in the World, how does this relate to the environment -How and to whom do we compare ourselves
• Relations with Businesses (i.e. investments, contracts….)
• Work Opportunities: Jobs/ Community Service / Service learning./ Work-study
• Access for Vermonters
• Treatment of workers: staff

• What do we look for in the classroom
• Faculty issues: -How we how hire/ evaluate/ advance (tenure) professors -How do we define quality in faculty members? How much importance to we place on have prestigious faculty? Are they receiving teaching training/instruction –How do we value research, undergraduate access to research –Responsive Feedback –Advising
• Class registration: priority registration, amount of information on courses provided during registration periods.
• Academic Support: library, Academic Support Program, study areas
• General Education Requirement.

If you want to be involved, please email [log in to unmask] with the specific section that you want to work on.  Time is limited for the completion of this project so it is moving ahead quickly, so contact the group as soon as possible if you can.  

Thanks and hope you had a great day in the sun today!


From the SGA President's e-mail this week:
For information on these events please visit
Also, for an extended list of events occurring through the week you can also visit
SGA Matters:

Elections Information for both the P/VP and Senate Seats!

Remaining events for Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections—2010-11:

To be able to view the platforms of the candidates for both of the positions please visit

A.  SGA Presidential Debate

Do you want to have a say in what goes on at your university? Do you like to see people argue? Are you looking to be a little more informed about your school? Then stop by the SGA Presidential Debates where candidates Claire Chevrier and Kofi Mensah will be debating! The debates, co-hosted by SGA and The Vermont Cynic, will be held this Thursday, March 18th at 7:00pm in Waterman Memorial Lounge. The debate will be moderator by UVM's own world-recognized debate coach, Alfred "Tuna" Snider. Panelists will include leaders from Clubs, Club Sports, ALANA, Greek Life, and IRA.

For questions or accommodations please email [log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask].

B.  Voting Instructions for P/VP

Voting will be taking place on the Lynx again.  We are currently finalizing a few more details and I will provide you with detailed instructions on how and where to vote early next week. 

***For students who have not visited the Lynx yet or logged in before, you will need to activate your account before voting.  This can be done by visiting and enter your UVM Net ID and password into the log-in box on the homepage.  It will automatically send you to the account set-up page if you are a first time visitor to the Lynx.  After completing this step, you will then be prepared to vote next week.   

C.  Senate Election Timeline—2010-11

Next SGA Meeting:

Old Business Passed at 3/16 meeting:

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