My name is Michael Haring, and I am an undergraduate Environmental
Studies Major at the University of Vermont. I am currently working on
my senior thesis, the topic of which is a critical look into the LEED
green building rating scale.

I am asking for any critiques or white papers on LEED which could help 
me along with my research.

Secondly, I am attempting to create a record of how
well the people who are using the rating system believe it works to
create structures that align with its advertised goals. I am looking
for architects, environmental specialists, engineers, and building
contractors both large and small scale to complete a very simple
survey on this issue. I will use no specific names or business
affiliations, so your confidentiality will never be compromised. My
attempt is to ask the people who are truly in the know as to their
opinion of how well this national system works in concern with the
environment of our local region.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a minute and
complete this very short survey linked below.

Thank you for your help,

Michael Haring
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