Yes...I think too much info in this case raises suspicion.
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Why not just say it's an electric resistance forced air system with supplemental electric baseboards. That's what it is. Or just say "electric furnace" if "electric resistance forced air system" is too long.


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On 04/03/2010 9:47 AM, Steven & Barbara Landau wrote:
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I have started construction of my Passivhouse Project.

I am having trouble arranging insurance for the house once complete.  
When the agent asks for why type of heating system we have, I have used this comment:

The heating/ventilation system in the passivehouse is integrated.
There is a HRV- or Heat Recovery Ventilator.   This takes cold air from outside, and brings it in while at the same time removing stale air. During this exchange the heat from the warm air is transferred to the cold air coming in.
The HRV recommended by my HVAC has an electrical anti-frost heating elements that automatically turn on at about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  This pre-warms the air, so cold air does not enter the house the house.

Our engineer calculated that we will need approx 2500W of electric heat on the coldest day of the year to maintain comfortable temperature.  This 2500W will be supplied by 1000W in the HRV and 1500 w electric radiators in the bathroom, probably we will use one of these: on a thermostat in the bathrooms.

So,  in conclusion,  there is some electric heat, on a thermostat to keep the bathrooms warm.

We have been turned down by 2 insurance companies.     Pretty silly isn't it.?

Can someone recommend an VT licensed agent or insurance company who can understand what we are doing?

Steve Landau
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