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 Perhaps a purely anecdotal story, but...
    We did a Elder Hostel birding tour to catch the western European =
migration through Andaluc=EDa and Gibraltar in the fall of 2006.  Great =
birding - we bagged 117 life birds and saw hundreds of eagles.  =
Andaluc=EDa is very big in commercial wind farming.  We saw several =
sites with over a 1,000 turbines each.  We asked our guides, who were =
obviously very experienced birders, about turbine kill damage to birds =
of all types - raptors, passerines, storks, etc.  Our guides said that =
it didn't seem to be much of a problem.  Lots of amateur and government =
types are censusing the wind farms for kills and very few deaths are =
being reported.
    The Andalucian wind farms were in mountainous but open country; =
typically cattle grazed between the turbines.  We didn't ask about bats =
and don't know much about how they faired.
    For what it's worth.
        Larry and Mona Rogers