Hi, hope someone can comment on this:

We've had Carolina wrens around our house on upper Spruce St. in Burlington
for probably the past 4 years or so.  I know cause they're so DARNED LOUD!
(gotta love it.)  A few days ago I heard a bird I didn't recognize; looked
out the back door and it was the Carolina wren (male I presume) jumping
around near the base of a bush, flicking his tail and making this loud
"trilled whistle".  I also observed him coming out of a hole in the debris
at the base of the bush.  He kept at it for maybe 5 minutes, then flew
away.  I did not see a female.  Today, however, I saw him in that same area
with a female!  They flew and perched together for a minute, then left.  I
didn't see any mating.  I have read that these wrens sometimes build several
false nests before settling on the "real one".  I couldn't easily find any
information on this behavior and/or call and just wondered if others have
observed this.  Hope we have some babies here this spring!
Priscilla Douglas