Look at the label, etc., first.  Mine may be a more primitive 
early version...

I'm pretty sure, though, that the anti-tick stuff has a limited 
lifespan in the washing machine, though there may now be clothes 
that can take more than a dozen washes.

Personally, I stay out of tall grass, wear the socks when I 
really need to go into tall grass-- and "go native," as you 
suggest!  (Actually, the foot part is inside the shoe, so one can 
wash that and leave the part that goes up the leg be.)


Mundi Smithers wrote:

> Oh dear ... perhaps I'll just 'go native' and not wash them ?????
> the anti-tick stuff doesn't last for more than a fairly limited number of
> washings, I think with mine it's 12.
> ) 
> Mundi
> Pownal