Stopped by Dead Creek to see if Bald Eagles had begun feeding on carp  yet.  There were very small patches of open water.  This should change within the next week. 

Continued on to Crown Point to look for Baldies and spotted two hanging out on the edge of the ice.  As we circled the museum building we were pleasantly surprised to find an Eastern Bluebird couple whowere clearly defending their residency at a wooden structure between the museum and the temporary ferry.  The north side of the shore included numerous titmice and chickadees. 

As we drove north on the road back towards Dead Creek we were treated to a "Mutual of Omaha" moment as a Red Tail Hawk snatched up a snack on the front lawn of a home next to the Skydiving Center. 

A final stop at Kingsland Bay featured a flock of ducks that may have been Canvasbacks, but were simply to far out to be certain about. 

A great day to be out and about. 

Bob Phillips