Early afternoon today (3/5).  Rte 125 (Middlebury) to rte 17 (Lake) and Snake Mt. Rd. back to Middlebury.

Mostly birdless.  Dreadful lack of winter finches, larks, snow buntings, waxwings etc.  Robins here and there.

At Tri-town water, two adult bald eagles on the ice.  Lots of gulls and ducks too far to identify at the edge of the ice.

Just south of the new ferry, about 200 mallards and a few blacks.  About 20 goldeneyes courting wildly.  Also 6 common mergansers.

West side of Snake Mountain - 1 common grackle.

1 Redtail between lake and rte 22a.

Best bird; very large and lovely female harrier about 1/2 mile east of rt 125 bridge over the Lemon Fair.

Bruce Peterson