I was heading west on Little Chicago Road in Ferrisburgh. I went around the 
90 degree bend and was then heading north. On the west side of the road 
was a group of Canada Geese (300+). I found a Ruddy Shelduck among them. 
This is "probably" the same one that Don Clark reported seeing in Westminster 
on 3/13, that Roy Pilcher reported seeing at Button Bay on 3/17 and the same 
one that Greg Askew reported seeing at Button Bay on 3/18. Even though this 
is most likely a domestic or an escapee, it is a handsome bird nonetheless. 
There were also 2 Snow Geese with them as well as a few Mallards and 
American Black Ducks. I was there at 12:28 p.m.

Enjoy Birds,

Jim Mead