With all the eagle sightings, I'm wondering if anyone has seen bands on  
them that can be traced back to those that were fledged at the Dead Creek area 
 around 5 years ago?...I believe there were about 8 eagle chicks that had 
been  brought in from various states. Is anyone aware of a website that has 
info on  that project? (it was sponsored by CVPS, I believe...). It certainly 
 seems we are seeing more eagles every year since that time!
Thanks, Michelle Hartline- Sudbury
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I, too,  birded the Champlain bays from Shelburne Bay S to Chimney Point 
today,  Sun.   Who can remember the days when we got REALLY EXCITED about  
just seeing a Bald Eagle in VT?  Well, today, I was excited about the  shear 
number of BAEG I saw.... 25 in all...  I felt as if I was in Homer,  AK!  What 
a glorious weekend to be out.  

Besides the  birds listed below, I encounter robins and crows everywhere & 
1 'fly  across' Horned Lark

Shelburne Point - 9am

75 C  Goldeneye

7 Black Ducks

Charlotte Town  B

200 C Goldeneye

8 Bufflehead

1 Crow

1  Black-backed Gull

1 Ringbill Gull

6 mallards

Long  Point - 10:30


Fort  Cassin


McNeil Cove - Ferry  Crossing

16 mallard

14 Bufflehead

8 C  Goldeneye

1 CAGO plus others heard flying overhead

18 C  Mergansers


Button Bay boat Access


1 Sparrow whose unfamiliar song attracted my attention.   While I can't be 
positive about my ID, I did have the bird in my binos briefly  and it sure 
looked like this guy had a reddish tail!!  Fox???   Besides the tail, I saw 
only profile and turned head enough to notice cheek  pattern, white throat 
and streaking on sides.  

Tri - Town  - 2 pm

15 BAEG!!! - only 2 were sub-adults

Lots of gulls  at edge of ice

Black Ducks, C Goldeneye

Chimney Point -  2:20 

7 BAEG.   I missed the Canvasbacks and didn't  spend time counting gulls, 
mergs, etc there - Just too overwhelmed by the  eagles!!  First time I have 
visited this area since the bridge went  down.  Those ferries sure were busy.

RT 4 Bomoseen  

1 Roughlegged Hawk

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