Hey all you farmers out there who want Winstrip Trays,

I spoke to Sue Decker of Blue Star Farm in or near Argyle NY. She, along with Sandy Arnold have figured out packing and freight. They are going to hire a tractor trailer with the intent of getting at least 10 pallets. So these are prices as I know: $4.44 per tray. Freight per pallet to Argyle NY is about $147 or .30 cents per tray give or take. $100 per hour for two guys in NC to pack the pallets and there may be additional charge for the pallet. there may be a charge also for Sandy to organize the freight but I am not sure about that.

So Sue encouraged me to organize ourselves as one group with one payment to Vanwingerden the company in NC.

I don't know if we can get the pallets shipped to Burlington or if we will need to go get them. And I also wonder if Northern Vt growers should be one group and Southern VT growers should be another at least on the pick up. 

So I know that some folks have sent some firm and not so firm numbers to me but to move forward on this please send me firm numbers again ASAP and I will do my best to keep this project moving along.


Arethusa Farm 
PO Box 8082 
Burlington, Vermont  05402