Again...just a thought.  I just opened by Bill for propanne I paid $2.40 On
2/25/10 and $2.24 0n 3/22/10 ...I also went to my local supplier in December
and requested they match what Farm Bureau could do collectively.  I thought
working local kept the business in my town and as much as I like the buying
group there even a company that delievers state wide?  I like the
BUY LOCAL thing providing there are local gas companies willing to be
Janet L Boyd
The Boyd Family Farm


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Conversation: What's your propane price?
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Sign me up! Thanks for the idea Dave. Don't know about the rest of you but I
would be interested in negotiating a service contract for the heaters as


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i did some shopping around- based on a 1500 gallon buy the ranges were
2.85-3.03. I went back and strong armed my local to get a rate down in the
2.61 area.  I think it is time we got together and formed a buying group.
My girlfriend is part of a buying group through suburban for residential
home owners-- she just got her bill-- only 2.62.   Why cant we do the
same???   Together we would be a pretty big player!

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Hi All- I'm paying $3.52/gallon (for residential  use, from Blue Flame). Is
that high? What are other people paying?  


Richard, CateFarm.

12 degrees F this morning (F is for  Fahrenheit...)



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