Can anyone recommend buckeye vs market farm's rain-flo for bedder/layers.  I've looked over the specs and they seem to cost about the same.  Also, if we choose not to buy a mulch layer along with the bed shaper, has anyone used the lesche with success?
Finally, we're going to try growing our onions in black plastic for the first time.  However, they are going to a new field that doesn't have good water access.  Has anybody had luck with simply laying plastic on soil with good moisture, and not irrigating?  This has worked for us with cucurbits and solanums in heavy clay soil, but I'm nervous to try it with onions on better drained silty loam soil.   Feedback?
Chris Siegriest
Bread and Roses Farm
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can try Buckeye Tractor

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Joe and others -

Market Farm Implement is a good source of equipment, and it is on line,

this one is not on line but is also a good source of equip, you can order
their catalog:
Nolts Produce Supply
152 N Hershey Ave
Leola, PA 17540