So you can all thank me later for leaving town so it could finally 
snow.  I am back now though which probably will put a damper on things ;-)

Seriously though had a great week in the Wasatch with a big crew of 
mostly Vermonters (several listers and lurkers included).  Don't have 
time right now to write up a TR to do it justice, but thought I would 
pass along links to a few little video clips (all raw footage, have 
loads more clips to sort through which will hopefully be edited into a 
compilation when I get the time)

Sweet pow field we found in bounds at Solitude a few days after any 
significant snow fall:

Giving the backwards-facing POV a shot:

Ripping the untracked early in the day on Thursday: (the light kinda sucks in this one since it was 
dumping at the time, but was so much fun I needed to include it)


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