I was out cheering the pack along; you all really killed it. I was
surprised to see how many were pounding the bumps, even though there
was great GS terrain to be had on the sides, particularly skier's
right on lower Chute and upper Liftline. I guess there's something to
be said for everyone's individual strengths and self-imposed
challenges, but for racking up sheer vert I can't see how ziperlining
conserves energy.

I do want to thank everyone for leaving the rest of the mountain
alone. Lapping Falldise was a great way to spend my
in-between-work-meetings-from-the-Basebox hours, where the snow was
wonderful and still very little ice except in the usual lower little

Cheers, all,

On Fri, 5 Mar 2010 20:13:23 -0500
"Jim B." <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Should have listened to TEO. The GS skis were more work.  Silly jimb. 
> Switched to the CMHs after 12 runs.  Got 22 total.  Seems like a low number,
> relative to the competition, but it's a number that comes with a warm
> feeling of accomplishment and two very warm quadriceps. Limiting factor was
> clearly muscle fatigue, not aerobic stamina.  I feel like I skied like ssa
> all day.  If I'd started on the CMHs, _might_ have been able to add a run or
> two to my total, but lesson learned. 
> My 12 y.o. son put up 25 runs, and looked good doing it.  He's an animal. 
> He's also very fun to watch and cheer from the chair. He's very happy with
> that, but already trying to figure out how to add to that total next year. 
> I, on the other hand, am pretty happy with having done this silly but ssadab
> just the once.
> Gorgeous sunshine all day, Dacks and White in plain view.  Snow was good,
> but was already pretty worked in the morning, and extremely worked by the
> end of the day. It also got downright chilly late in the day, but the wind
> stayed away. 
> Bumps never really softened, and were deep and ledgy in many places. I guess
> I'd call them chalky, not icy, but definitely not spring conditions.
> Liftline below Bunny was groomed on the right hand side, so you carry some
> nice speed and get a little leg rest from that point to the lift.  
> MRG staff and volunteers ran a smooth and welcoming event, with lots of
> water/juice/brownies/cookies available every time you went through the line
> as well as copious encouragement.  Other skiers there today were very nice
> in allowing competitors to alternate with them without any complaints (that
> I heard anyway).  
> I'm even more in awe of folks that put up 25+ runs after doing this event. 
> It requires an average speed that, given the terrain, my muscle conditioning
> simply doesn't allow, let alone my skiing ability. It definitely is a pretty
> good test of not just fitness, but ability to ski efficiently and solidly
> all day long.
> Shower, then bed.  
> Jimsleepyhappy B.
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