Yowza' !!  Deep, thick snowpack.  Crusty below 2500 feet but the groomers skied very nicely.  I barely recognized Fall line with the deep snow.  Had to rescue someone with a tweaked knee in a narrow very steep chute in some very nasty crusty deep snow - young Wesley was very helpful and he has come a long way on the patrol. All the ledges on Chute and Liftline were covered.  Found some thigh deep untracked on Panther.
Saturday night, we had our spaghetti dinner with much conviviality and humour.  Penny made a killer crab dip that was off the charts - a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Had a nice ski down under headlamps and partied a bit on the deck with others to round out the night..
Sunday, I was pretty burnt, but had to go for it with all the great snow.  I had to help take care of another tweaked knee on Ferret.  The woman (our patient) was a bit nervous aboiut hopping in the sled because she had seen a patroller at a major Western resort lose a loaded sled.  So, of course we let Andy one of our new patrollers get in the handles, fresh off of some rugged sled running training teh prior weekend at Sugarbush.  I was in the tail and Andy really shone brightly with a great run.  He seemed a bit nervous at first and there was a reason for that - he was running his first patient ever.  But he ripped it on Ferret and Upper Glade and in the aid room we revaled to our patient that she was Andy's first sled run with a patient ever and she ws happy with the ride.  Just goes to show you the value of practice and training in the Northern Vermont patrol community - the Senior NoVT Ski & Toboggan program can really put together some of the best sled running machines.anywhere.  If you're a patroller out there, I highly recommend the Senior Program.  
Good weekend and a week ago we were worried about making it through the end of March but now it's looking like April skiing is certain.
Mark P. Renson
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