Hi All,

I only forward on this message because I went on AWB last January and it was
amazing. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful place and we were able to
really make an impact there, even for the short time we spent there. Email
[log in to unmask] for more info!

Hey folks! Anyone interested in spending approximately ten days in the
Dominican Republic next January? Well if you are Alternative Winter Break
will be traveling there to work with the community and children of Los
Domingues, a neighborhood in Puerto Plata on the northern coast (beautiful).
We had a blast last January so we are going back again and want you to join
us! If you are interested in applying visit the website at
www.uvm.edu/~uvmawb. If you have any questions email us at
[log in to unmask] Last year we had beautiful days hiking, traveling to a
coffee farm, working in schools with children, building a park with the
community, going out dancing and so much more. Apply! You wont regret it!
Applications due Friday, 4/16.