my second born is having his national Honors init, so, will not be able to
attend,  so for the oven group
just let me know the time for the site prep (and of course non oven team
members too could move dirt). and
also for folks to tell there Shelburne Farm experience..

Also -> put that taxi money to a cash donation to the club.

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  Date:       04/13/2010 11:44 AM                                                                                      
  Subject:    EWB General Chapter Meeting, 4/14/10                                                                     
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Hello Everyone!

There will be an EWB General Chapter meeting tomorrow (4/14/10) at 7pm
in Votey 207. We will first be voting on a budget request from the
oven group, before continuing work in our project groups. Please bring
any materials you may need!

See you all tomorrow!