I am seeking courageous BlackBerry/NotifyLink users who would like to 
become early adopters of a new email server that is being deployed.  If 
you'd like to participate, continue reading.

Enterprise Technology Services is in the process of updating UVM's 
central email server with a newer release of software.  This will 
provide for faster access to email, multiple simultaneous access to mail 
boxes and better searching capabilities.  Eventually this will be 
systematically rolled out to every email account at UVM.  It's currently 
in its early phases and some kinks are still being worked out and monitored.

Early testing has highlighted two issues:

1) During the conversion of your mailbox, NotifyLink removes all (or 
most) existing mail from your BlackBerry.  Once the conversion is done, 
new mail arrives normally.

2) If you use folder subscriptions, you might have to re-subscribe.  We 
have been working on this bug, and think it's been resolved, but further 
testing is necessary before we can confirm it's no longer a possible issue.

Performing the conversion only takes a couple minutes.  If you'd like to 
volunteer your account for early adoption, please let me know.

*Kent Saunders*
/Sr. Systems Administrator
Enterprise Technology Services
University of Vermont
Office: (802) 656-0456
Email: [log in to unmask]